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It is equipped with 3 rows of 600mm headers, with an adaptable range of 550-750mm, which can adapt to most of the planting line spacing harvesting operations in the Central Plains;

The low-inclined, flared-type chain has the function of picking up slightly inverted stems;

High work efficiency

6.95 meters short body design, small turning radius, flexible operation, very suitable for a family in the Central Plains;

Small plots, narrow roads, etc.;

It can be replaced with a flat head that does not harvest the harvesting header, and can be harvested when turning;

The elevator has a width of 450mm and the head has a strong lifting capacity;

160 hp high pressure common rail engine with strong power;

Good job performance

The roller-type picking header has the characteristics of stripping part of the corn leaf, which is especially suitable for corn ear harvesting in the Central Plains;

16 composite roller combined stripping machine with good stripping performance and less grain loss;

The double-seed agar is cleaned, which makes the double-dragon's clearing area increase, the grain cleaning effect is good, and the grain loss is less;

The returning machine has a large shaft diameter, a large number of blades, and a good straw shredding effect;

The newly optimized raft conveying device not only has smooth operation, but also can transport the rakes to the front of the returning machine for smashing and returning to the field, and the returning operation is more thorough;

High reliability

It is equipped with Revo D3.5 gearbox + closed side reduction, strong carrying capacity and high reliability;

The engine adopts a sealed cabin structure design to reduce the corn hairs and broken blades to the engine, and the engine has better fireproof performance;

The main friction of the double friction plate is adopted, which has high reliability and long service life;

The ear lifter adopts 38 pitch chain, which has strong conveying capacity and high reliability;

The main components of the whole machine, such as the picking rack, the chassis frame, the peeling machine bottom frame and the ear box, have been simulated and analyzed by CAE, optimized and upgraded, and the reliability is higher;

Comfortable operation

It is equipped with a luxurious arc-shaped cab, which has a wider field of vision. The front and rear of the steering wheel can be adjusted, and the operation is comfortable. The cab is sealed and upgraded to effectively block dust from entering the cab, allowing you to be the first to receive the white-collar machine.

The intelligent terminal system detects the working environment in real time, enabling remote diagnosis and precise service;

The reversing image system can be configured to monitor the granary and the peeling machine in real time, which is convenient for controlling the situation of the vehicle;

The co-pilot seat is equipped to facilitate the ride of the vehicle and the transfer of the vehicle.



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