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Adapt to a wider range

The flaring plate-type header is used, and the weight of the divider is designed, the line spacing is good, and the plate-type picking device has a fast pulling speed and high work efficiency, and is the first choice for trans-regional operation;

The turning radius is small, the steering is flexible, the field harvesting operation is flexible, and it is more suitable for the working environment of a small and medium-sized plot of one household;

More efficient work

Equipped with a famous 175 hp high pressure common rail engine with large power reserve, strong power, reliable performance and low fuel consumption;

The newly-designed five-group adjustable peeling machine can adjust the operation according to different corn varieties and maturity in different working areas to achieve the best peeling effect;

The width of the elevator is 600mm, and the lifting of the ear is smoother and not blocked.

The newly designed widened waste structure, the stalk exhaust passage is widened, the wind guide flow plate is changed from the rubber plate structure to the steel plate structure, the wind direction control is more reasonable, and the drainage capacity is improved by more than 20%.

The double auger seed is used for clearing, the clearing area is large, the diameter of the auger is increased, and the grain is cleaned;

2.4m unloading grain height (measured from the reversing shaft 2.7m), suitable for the height requirements of different grain trucks such as three-wheel, light truck and heavy truck;

More reliable

Reinforced rear axle, two-way steering cylinder, low steering force and high reliability;

D3.5 closed side reduction drive axle, rectangular tube reinforced frame, strong anti-bumping ability and reliable performance;

The plate-type water tank adopts American technology and is specially designed for the harvester. The heat-dissipating tube has a heat sink inside. Compared with the tube-type water tank, the heat-dissipation efficiency is improved by 30%, and the seismic resistance is 10 times of the original;

Ergonomic upgrade

The intelligent terminal system detects the working environment in real time, enabling remote diagnosis and precise service;

The luxurious arc-shaped cab is equipped with a co-pilot seat, which facilitates the transfer of vehicles across the area and the ride of the vehicle-mounted personnel, which is safer and more comfortable.




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