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More efficient operation The four-edge knife-type cutting head can improve the adaptability of harvesting the green and wet crops in the morning and evening, and improve the crop efficiency. By lengthening the working length and appropriately reducing the rotation speed of the pulling stem, the grain loss of the picking table can be reduced. the goal of;

The angle of the picking table is small, the angle of the header is 20% smaller than that of the competing products, and the angle of the header is reasonable, which can avoid the ear drop when harvesting the lodging corn;

The blade of the agar conveying auger is widened to meet the smooth delivery of the ear during high-speed operation and improve work efficiency;

The grass drain is widened to 825mm with the lifter, the exhaust channel is widened, and the exhaust capacity is improved. The floating exhaust roller is double-row 10A chain transmission, and the tensioning wheel structure is reinforced to improve the reliability of the drive. The guide plate is added to prevent the discharged stalk from being fed twice;

The pattern of the scale roller of the six sets of flat roller stripping machine is deepened, which improves the licking ability of the rubber roller to the ear, and the peeling effect is better. The pitch of the rubber roller in the composite roller is increased and the hardness is improved, the overall wear resistance is enhanced, and the service life is long. .

More reliable

The frame longitudinal beam is made of high-strength square tube structure to improve the bearing capacity and resistance to twisting;

It is equipped with D7 series gearbox + closed side reduction drive axle, which has strong bearing capacity and high reliability. The rear steering wheel is equipped with 12-18 tires, which increases the rear wheel diameter and improves the passability and driving stability of the whole machine;

The plate-type water tank adopts American technology and is specially designed for the harvester. The heat-dissipating tube has a heat sink inside. Compared with the tube-type water tank, the heat-dissipation efficiency is improved by 30%, and the seismic resistance is 10 times of the original;

The engine is designed with a sealed compartment and the engine has good fire performance;

Better work

The volume of the ear box is 3.8m^3, and the ear conveyor belt is increased in the ear box, and the angle is adjustable, and the granary filling degree is higher;

The ear box configuration has obvious advantages, which can harvest 100m crops more than competing products, saving the number of unloading of grain and improving the efficiency of comprehensive operation;

The shell type vibrating screen is arranged, the cleaning area is 1.38m^2, the cleaning loss is small; the vibrating screen is changed to the bearing support swing to improve the reliability of the whole machine;

Increase the grain recycling bin, the volume is 0.33m^3, reduce the number of unloading grain, and improve the overall efficiency of the whole machine operation;

Increase the cleanliness of the grain in the recycling bin by adding a clean suction fan at the grain exit.



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