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Efficient and clean

It has a number of innovative patented vertical axial flow degranulation separation technology, compact structure, drum diameter 600mm, threshing separation area 2.75m2, complete separation;

920mm wide across the bridge, smooth feeding, enhanced conveying capacity, fast working speed and high efficiency;

Φ600mm×3145mm threshing drum, the width of the cleaning chamber is 1000mm, the cleaning area is 3.2m2, the grain grain is clean and the efficiency is high;

Φ260mm closed high-position rotary unloading grain drum, fast unloading grain;

2.6m3 large granary, the granary volume is large, reducing the number of unloading of grain and improving work efficiency;

The header is upgraded and speeded up, and the feeding is smooth;

The grain elevator is widened, high efficiency, and not blocked;

Smart and convenient

Standard intelligent terminal, remote control of work volume and operation status, real-time push of agricultural condition information and service information;

Equipped with 8 吋 true color touch screen intelligent display to realize real-time indication and alarm of working condition parameters, equipped with MP3 player, digital FM radio and other functions;

The electronically controlled joystick integrates the reel lift and the header lift button for a new upgrade design with high reliability and easy operation;

The intelligent controller controls the engine to start safely. When the non-neutral is started, the machine cannot be started, and the smart meter will alert the operator;

The drum stepless speed change system is equipped with electronic closed loop control, and the drum speed is stable;

Versatile and reliable

Equipped with 5 rows of corn headers, it can be equipped with a variety of other headers (stainless headers and sorghum headers with different cutting widths). The vertical axial flow roller is hydraulically steplessly adjusted for easy harvesting and easy to break crops. Harvest corn, and replace special crops to harvest crops such as wheat, rice, soybeans, sorghum, and millet;

The area is adaptable and suitable for working conditions in different regions;

It can meet the needs of different seasons and full-time operations;

The key parts of the bearings and belts are imported components with high reliability;

The steering tire is a cross-country tire with good wear resistance.



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