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Multi-purpose machine

No need to change the drum, only through the replacement of the header and threshing components can achieve the harvest of corn kernels, soybeans, wheat and other crops, truly achieve a multi-purpose machine;

Efficient work

The walking system is equipped with a hydrostatic drive device, and the same gear position is faster than the mechanical shifting machine type;

The threshing drum adopts the hydraulic stepless speed adjustment mode, and the stepless speed regulation between 300-900r/min can be realized by pressing the button in the cab, and the feeding is quick;

Adopting international advanced large-diameter longitudinal axial flow de-diving technology, the diameter of the drum × length Φ660mm×3015mm, large de-allocation area, low breaking rate;

Hydraulic rotary heightening unloading grain drum, unloading grain height of more than 4.5m, adapting to different heights of grain receiving vehicles, reducing unloading grain auxiliary time and improving work efficiency;

The grain elevator is widened to 202mm, the lifting speed is increased, and the grain lifting capacity is strong;

Folding 7m3 large granary, large granary capacity, reducing the number of unloading of grain and improving work efficiency;

Clean and clean

Widening the clearing room, the width of the cleaning is up to 1.3m, the clearing area is 4.3m2, and the large-diameter centrifugal fan is used to clean and clean the grain;

The fish scale sieve and the woven sieve can be replaced according to different harvested crops, and the adaptability is strong;

The rubber seal is added at the trigeminal arm, the sealing effect is good, and the loss of leakage of grain is reduced;

Two different types of threshing concave plates are arranged to reduce the rate of crop breakage, adapt to a variety of crops, and adapt to early harvest;

Comfortable ride

The hydraulic assist brake system is equipped for light operation, reliable braking and high comfort;

Hydrostatic drive, electronic control operation, header, reel, walking, and retracting operation integrated, cancel shifting clutch, easy to operate;

The suspension type shock-absorbing seat can be automatically adjusted according to the weight of the human body, which is comfortable to ride and reduces the labor intensity;

Visual system upgrade, three-way visual: reversing visual, engine compartment, grain bin fullness, convenient and comfortable operation, reducing driver fatigue;

Standard multi-channel monitoring system, according to different crops, the drum alarm speed can be adjusted to control the occurrence of faults in time;

The new warm air cab is equipped with a bottom-up air duct to prevent frost condensation on the front windshield and open view;

Fuel saving

It is equipped with Yuchai double-action engine, which can be switched to 185/220ps with one button according to working conditions during operation or transfer. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the fuel consumption is reduced.



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