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Cummins imported engine, in line with Euro III emission standards, large torque, strong power, especially suitable for heavy-duty working conditions;

The new generation of customized hydraulic system has the advantages of small pressure loss, high flow distribution efficiency, smooth compound operation and high reliability, which makes the whole machine more energy efficient;

Adopting no leg design, no parking shift, high driving speed, strong site adaptability, flexible maneuvering;

In order to ensure reliability, each designed and sized excavator must carry out 2000 hours of industrial testing and pass the rigorous testing of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center;

The cab adopts anti-rollover and anti-fall structure design to meet the safety standards of China, EU, North America and other regions, and obtains TOPS and FOPS safety certification;

Standard enhanced working device and enhanced dozer blade, the whole machine operation is more stable and reliable, and the digging force is better than the same tonnage;

The radius of gyration is small, and the tail end of the platform that is rotated during excavation work is within the contraction state of the dozer blade, and the dozer blade can be put down to be safely rotated, and the operation is more worry-free;

Double armrest structure design, more convenient to get on and off;

The filter element is arranged centrally on the main pump side for easy maintenance.




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