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The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, the performance is advanced, and the technical content of the product is high;
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The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, the performance is advanced, and the technical content of the product is high;

High engine power reserve coefficient, large output torque, low fuel consumption and reliable use;

Hydraulic transmission, automatic speed regulation, no parking shift;

The final drive adopts triangular spline and drum-shaped trimming gear transmission to improve the load uniformity and transmission stability of the transmission parts and prolong the service life of the transmission parts;

The new and beautiful hexagonal cab has a wider field of view, better ventilation and better sealing.



Equipped with Cummins CELECT electronically controlled fuel system;

Accurate and stable control with Cummins CM876 Core II electronic control module;

Adopt the latest high performance supercharger with waste bypass;

The new integral aluminum piston design meets performance and emissions requirements;

Compact structure and interface design flexibly meet matching requirements;

Precise control using advanced electronic control technology;

Advanced diagnostic and interface technology is used to facilitate machine matching and service.




The power shift transmission is operated by a shift control valve and can be shifted directly without stopping.

Used in conjunction with a torque converter can greatly reduce the driver's labor intensity.

The transmission consists mainly of four planetary rows and a rotary lock clutch.

Multi-plate clutch, hydraulic pressure combined with forced lubrication, divided into three forward and three reverse.




Hydraulic torque converter

The torque converter is a technology introduced from Komatsu, Japan, using military technology.

A new generation of products that have been innovatively developed in terms of materials, processes and structures.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low noise, high reliability, stepless speed regulation, and easy matching with the host.

The bulldozer is provided with excellent traction performance to ensure a smooth transmission of the machine.


Final drive

It adopts hard-toothed drum-shaped trimming transmission gear processing technology, which has large carrying capacity.

The transmission is stable, the noise is small, the reliability is high, and the service life is long.





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