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Technical characteristics

Re-issued QSNT-C235 engine, powerful, energy efficient;

High-reliability power shift gearbox, stable torque converter, and final drive of two-stage straight-tooth structure, can transmit power efficiently, with high transmission power and efficient production efficiency;

Meet the engine's normal and reliable operation under any load conditions and any thermal environment necessary by the user without causing the engine to overheat;

It can realize automatic fault diagnosis and full monitoring. The overall casting instrument panel integrates air conditioning, electrical appliances and instruments into one, which is more beautiful and high-grade;

The main frame of the full box structure, using high-performance materials and high-strength castings, has high impact load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and twisting, high-quality welds ensure the main frame has a full life cycle;

Semi-rigid suspension travel system, increasing the grounding area of ​​the track and improving the traction of the vehicle;

The standard straight-type dozer blade has powerful cutting force to cope with all kinds of difficult working conditions;

The large single-tooth ripper has an adjustable sloping angle and can be used for the looseness of clay, frozen soil and other soil layers. It can also be used for the peeling of hard working surfaces such as gravel and plated salt mines.



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