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Technical characteristics

Engine power is sufficient, fuel consumption rate is low, easy to maintain, in line with national II emission standards;

High-reliability power shift transmission, secondary spur gear reduction, splash-lubricated final drive, high durability, enabling efficient operation of the machine;

With a closed system, the tank pressure maintains a specific value, and forced air supply enhances the cooling effect;

The wiring harness of the whole vehicle is protected by a seamless snake skin tube, which improves the reliability of the electric harness;

The overall injection molding structure instrument panel integrates air conditioning, electric and instrument boxes into one, beautiful and high-grade;

Optimize the work light layout to improve the lighting of the vehicle;

Increase the reversing alarm bell and work warning lights to improve the safety warning when the vehicle works;

The main frame of the full box structure has a high load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and torsion, and high quality welds ensure a full life cycle of the main frame.

Hydraulic system

The working valve is externally arranged to facilitate the daily maintenance of the valve, and the vehicle is more maintainable;

PPC pilot control, more labor-saving, more convenient and faster;

The working device system pressure is increased to 21 MPa, which is energy efficient;

Extremely strong traction and durability. The rigid walking system transmits the working load and the impact load to the main frame to ensure the stability of the machine in complex working conditions;

The new hexahedral cab has increased interior space and a wider view;

The mounting surface of the cab is separated from the sealing surface for better sealing performance;

The floor flaps are labyrinth sealed and the cab noise is reduced to 87dB.


Technical characteristics

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