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Technical characteristics


Shangchai SC8DK143G3 turbocharged engine, powerful, energy efficient.

●The torque reserve coefficient is large, and the rated power reaches 95.5kW.

● Improved air filter and intake and exhaust system, so that the air filter filter accuracy reaches 99.9%.

● Cold start device with four-point installation to reduce vibration.

●Composite material oil seal to greatly reduce the oil leakage of the shock absorber.

● The engine maintains good performance in the western plateau at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

Transmission system

● Power shift transmission ensures smooth power shifting for fast speed and steering, making shifting and reversing more flexible.

●Cylindrical coil spring damper can absorb the impact and vibration of the drive train during vehicle operation, and protect the engine and transmission parts, thus extending the service life of the machine.

● High-reliability power shift transmission, and the final drive of the secondary spur gear reduction structure, can transmit power stably, with high durability, so that the machine runs efficiently.

Working hydraulic system

●The position of the valve and pump is reasonable, easy to maintain and maintain; multi-stage filtration mode can effectively ensure the cleanness of the oil and reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic system.

Electrical system:

● Mechatronics electrical system controls the electrical components of the whole machine, including lighting system, engine start, partial parameter measurement, etc., to achieve electronic control performance, electronically controlled balance foot throttle to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

cooling system

● Efficient radiator ensures the normal operation of the machine in high temperature environment and is conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

Chassis system

●The rigid walking system of the trolley and the main frame connected by the front and rear beams can transmit the working load and impact load during operation to the main frame, which effectively improves the stability of the small bulldozer in complex working conditions.

●Assembled and single-track crawler belt adopts the main chain rail-type assembly structure to facilitate the disassembly and maintenance of the track. The lubricant inside the track pin bushing can greatly reduce the wear of the track pin and the pin bushing.

Driving environment

●The new hexahedron cab has large internal space and wide field of view. At the same time, it is designed with air conditioning system to make the operator safer and more comfortable at work.

●The instrument and instrument of the console are stable and reliable, and the readings are intuitive and accurate. The driver's seat and armrests can be easily adjusted before and after, giving the operator a comfortable working experience. Similar products recommended


Technical characteristics

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