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The LW300FV wheel loader is a lifting product based on the XCMG classic model LW300FN. LW300F series loaders have maintained a leading position in sales for 3 tons of loaders in China. The product adopts the design idea of ​​“inheriting classics and innovating and improving”. The main components are all classics that have been tested for many years. The structure is simple, the reliability is high, the versatility is good, the quantity is large, and the maintenance is simple. On the basis of this, the performance, work efficiency, comfort, reliability and safety are all improved. It is an excellent "full working condition adaptable" product.

New skeletal structure cab, VDO instrument, large space, wide field of vision, leading industry in comfort;

Using mature and classic transmission components, the fixed axle box and the engine achieve a good match, energy saving and high efficiency;

Traction force ≥ 9.0 tons, excavation force ≥ 12.0 tons, good working ability, conquering all kinds of bad working conditions;

The bucket bucket is optimized, the insertion resistance is small, the full bucket coefficient is high, and the cutting ability is good;

2600mm wheelbase, turning radius 5165mm (tire center), flexible and adaptable to the site;

It can be equipped with a variety of tools such as an enlarged bucket, a clamped wood clamp, a grass fork, a pipe grabber, and a sweeping machine to meet various working conditions.




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