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The machine is a power-optimized, energy-saving and environment-friendly super heavy-duty vibratory roller with large working quality and strong exciting force, so it is the best compacting equipment in large area, high quality, high efficiency and mechanized construction. It is suitable for rolling non-stick materials, such as gravel, gravel, sand and gravel mixture, sandy soil, etc.; this machine is the foundation compaction ideal for highways, mine roads, large dams, important ports and industrial sites. device.

main feature

Mechanical walking, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and preferential function / price ratio;

The power is configured as a supercharged diesel engine. The power matching is optimized for low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. It is 15% more fuel efficient than similar models. It uses a silicone oil clutch fan to save energy and heat dissipation. It is suitable for working under 4000 meters above sea level. ;

Two sets of brakes for hand brakes and foot brakes ensure the safety and reliability of the machine;

The new driver's cab is spacious and comfortable, with a wide view, high-quality rubber components for vibration damping, hydraulic flip function for easy maintenance and maintenance;

Hydraulic vibration technology adopts international advanced technology, high reliability, simple maintenance, convenient and low cost;

Reinforced roller special power shift gearbox, stable and reliable performance, electric control one-pole operation, light and flexible, and self-locking safety protection;

The optical cam can be replaced at any time, which broadens the construction environment of the machine.




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