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Self-propelled articulated grader for structures in large-scale land leveling roadbeds. It can be used for trenching, grading, scraping, bulldozing, ripping, virgin grounding and snow sweeping, etc. This is a multi-stage function of modern construction and high-efficiency high-grade roads, railways, airports, port equipment, dams, INDUSTRAIL Land and farmland.

(1) The torque converter and power shift transmission were introduced from ZF, Germany. Integrated together. The six forward gears and three rearward gears meet the various requirements during the machine's working transport.

(3) When the transaxle integrates the freewheel anti-skid differential and the powerful roller chain drive in series, the boxed oscillation steers the front axle and approaches the wheel.

(4) Popular working mechanism and swing arm linkage structure, standard maintenance-free rolling plate circulation device. The tip of the blade controls the double cylinder to adjust the cutting angle depending on the soil quality.

(5) Flexible hydraulic control system has two sets of HUSCO five-way control valves, imported hydraulic balance valve blade lift, and patented hydraulic-operated pin drawing equipment designed first in the board.

(6) The steering system center joint tooth and tilt steering front wheel can be offset by the entire machine.

(7) Service brake system, four rear wheels and mechanical internal expansion of the parking brake calipers to allow disc brakes.

(8) The double-slant appearance adopts a full metal cover at a distance of 1 m × 1 m.

(9) Electro-hydraulic and whole instrument monitoring system operation, maintenance-free OPTIMA Swedish battery.

(10) is optional front bulldozer and rear loose soil.


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