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V8 series concrete pump truck SYM5163THBDS 23

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High concrete quality

Using cutting-edge measuring equipment and technology, the measurement of raw materials such as sand, stone, cement and fly ash ensures accurate concrete quality. The high-power mixer is used, and the concrete is fully stirred, and the workability is good and the strength is high.

Good construction process

The pump truck can continuously pump concrete to ensure the overall shape of the concrete and the quality of the project is rock-solid. The concrete fabric is completed by the pump boom pipe, which has high precision and low waste.

High quality engineering

Housing, water conservancy, highway construction and other projects use modern machinery construction, advanced process, can greatly improve the quality, safety and service life of the project.


The design width, total weight and height of the pump truck are in line with the requirements of rural roads; the width of the mixer truck is only 2.3m and the height is 3.36m; it can be easily driven on narrow and rugged country roads.

Flexible construction

The short boom pump truck adopts a flexible four-section boom design, and the limited space of the venue can also be flexibly constructed, effectively solving the problem of difficult housing, road and water conservancy construction in urbanization construction.

Fast installation

The mixing station is compact and compact, and can be transported through five 9.6m trucks after splitting. The mixing station is installed in a building block. The main floor area is only 15m×11m, and the installation speed is fast.

V8 series concrete pump truck SYM5163THBDS 23

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