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C8 series 30m concrete pump truck SYM5190THBDZ 30

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High core configuration

High with chassis, 176KW large engine power, torque up to 925Nm.

Strong pumping performance

Better suction and longer wear life.

Large pumping capacity (Φ230mm) and large displacement (108 square/hour) pumping system.

Wide construction range and high efficiency

The boom is longer than the competitor's model.

With X-H type legs, the construction area is small.

The pumping system adopts electronically controlled commutation, the commutation speed is faster, the hydraulic impact is smaller, and the actual pumping efficiency is higher.

Stable and safe

The boom adopts an external connecting rod structure, and the movement of the boom is more stable during construction, and the vibration of the boom is smaller.

Easy maintenance

The pneumatic water washing system is configured to meet the cleaning requirements of the construction site.

energy saving

The industry's first cast integrated valve block, through the internal flow channel optimization, the pressure loss is smaller, the energy saving effect is more significant.

Reliable and durable

Main hydraulic pumps such as main oil pump, boom pump, gear pump, multi-way valve and balance valve have superior performance and high reliability.

The electrical wiring harness of the whole vehicle is IP67, and the dustproof and waterproof performance is more reliable.

smart system

The central controller for construction machinery, large-size high-definition display, and liquid crystal display remote control, the control system has stronger performance and the operation is more humanized.

C8 series 30m concrete pump truck SYM5190THBDZ 30

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