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The total volume of the industrial machinery industry broke out in the third quarter of the construction machinery industry

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The total volume of the industrial machinery industry broke out in the third quarter of the construction machinery industry

The construction machinery industry is enjoying the dividends brought by the industry's “high tide period”.

From January to July this year, 25 mainframe manufacturing enterprises included in the Excavator Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Association sold a total of 131,200 excavators, an increase of over 50% year-on-year.

According to historical data, the year of good sales of the excavator was 2011 (annual sales of 178,400 units). In the first seven months of this year, sales have already broken 130,000 units, and sales will be even more popular in the second half of the year. According to Sany Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry Excavator sold 27,600 units in July this year, occupying 21.5% of the domestic market share, and the market leader position is stable.

From January to June this year, Sany Heavy Industry achieved operating income of 28.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.42%; net profit of 3.389 billion yuan, an increase of 192% year-on-year, reaching 161% of the 2017 full-year level; net cash flow from operating activities The amount was 6.221 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.55%, which was a historically high level. Immediately thereafter, Zoomlion released the semi-annual report for 2018 on the evening of August 30. The report shows that the company achieved operating income of 14.72 billion yuan and net profit of 864 million yuan in the first half of the year; operating cash flow reached 1.595 billion yuan, an increase of 128.8%.

In fact, benefiting from multiple factors such as domestic infrastructure investment, upgrading of production and manufacturing processes, and increasing overseas orders, in the first half of this year, construction machinery enterprises represented by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Shanhe Intelligent, and Tiejian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. All the way to the red, the collective ushered in high growth.

At the same time as the industry boom, the company's scale advantage is highlighted and assets are continuously optimized. In terms of Sany, due to strong risk penetration and control measures, the company's accounts receivable turnover rate rose to 1.46 from 1.04 in the same period of last year, and the inventory turnover rate rose to 2.24 from 2.15 in the same period of last year. These data show that corporate cash flow is abundant and capital security risks are reduced. During the period of Sany's transformation and adjustment, Sany Heavy Industry President Xiang Wenbo once said that in the past, during the rapid development period, construction machinery enterprises had allowed customers to purchase equipment by credit. The irrational market behavior actually brings a large capital security risk to the enterprise.

The boom cycle in the construction machinery sector has also brought a lot of room for market growth for foreign companies. As a world-renowned construction machinery exhibition, Germany's bauma is an extension of China. The biennial bauma CHINA exhibition has become the stage for the global construction machinery enterprise competition. At the exhibition site, Volker Construction Equipment Global President Melker Jernberg said that Volvo's architecture The market demand for equipment products was strong, and the third quarter achieved a good record in history. “The total volume of China's industry market has increased by 42% compared to the third quarter of 2017, while Volvo's sales in China have doubled.”

As Chen Qihua, vice president of Caterpillar Global and Chairman of Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said: "This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Reform and opening up has provided many opportunities for global companies like Caterpillar. With China Infrastructure upgrades and urbanization continue to deepen, and more opportunities are emerging."

More opportunities mean that foreign construction machinery companies will invest more resources in the Chinese market. At the bauma show, Caterpillar has exhibited more than 30 types of machinery, including a new generation of hydraulic excavators, off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, graders, mini excavators and road machinery products.

Volvo also brought its own new solutions. “Electrical field operations are an important step towards the transformation of the quarry and aggregate industry,” said Uwe Müller, Principal Project Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment Electrification Field Operations. “If we can replace the engineering equipment in the quarry with electricity instead of diesel, we are expected to significantly reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, environmental impact and tons of costs.”

According to Volvo, since the end of August, Volvo Construction Equipment and its customer Skanska have been testing the feasibility of electrified field operations at the Skanska Vikan Kross quarry at Skanska near Gothenburg, Sweden. The project aims to transform the quarry and aggregate industries by reducing carbon emissions by 95% and total costs by 25%. The goal of the project is to achieve electrification at every stage of the quarrying operation – from excavation, initial comminution, transportation, to secondary pulverization – where the amount of diesel used is negligible.