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Machinery and equipment industry: 2019 construction machinery is still expected to grow steadily

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The excavator maintained positive growth, the crane increased by 10%, and the concrete machinery increased by 20%. According to the exchanges at the annual meeting of the excavator and the bauma exhibition, the OEMs in the industry judged the excavation in 2019 at -10%-10% (of which Kawasaki and Komatsu believe that the growth rate of the market is plus or minus 10%, Liugong expects The year is flat, Carter believes that -15%-10%); and according to our two models of excavator, we believe that the median growth rate of excavator next year is expected to reach 10%. On the other hand, we believe that the first quarter of the 19th year (at least January-February) will still maintain a growth of more than 10%. In terms of cranes, due to the late use of cranes in engineering applications, and due to environmental factors, the production capacity of Xugong and other leading faucets is Certain constraints. We believe that with the rationalization of the supply chain/self-capacity, the overall sales growth rate of cranes in 2019 is expected to reach 5-10%; in concrete machinery, due to the large amount of concrete machinery and the replacement has just begun, it is expected to remain higher next year. The growth rate.

The price of the excavator remained stable, the price of the crane was steadily rising, and the price of the concrete pump truck was stable or decreased. In terms of excavation, due to the large sales volume and stable structure of this year, we believe that the price of the excavator will remain at the current level. In terms of cranes, we expect the price of the crane to be sold and replaced by the high-efficiency products of Xugong and other leading products. In terms of concrete, due to the better growth of the two-bridge pump trucks used in rural and small-scale projects, we expect the overall price of concrete machinery to be affected by this and have a certain decline.

The economic work conference that closed on the 21st conveyed new developments in the future: adhere to the overall tone of steady progress. Continue to increase infrastructure and diversify the infrastructure (including new infrastructure such as 5G commercial construction and traditional urban and rural construction such as urban rail transit and logistics) is one of the key tasks for next year.


Machinery and equipment industry: 2019 construction machinery is still expected to grow steadily